Long lasting nail polish recommendations

I need to give my nails a break from shellac (but still want some colour!) so would love to know what the best long-lasting nail polishes are that everyone recommends?

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When it comes to nail polish I swear by Essie. Basic, but the colour range is really good and with a clear top coat it lasts me up to a week x

Essie and Sally Hansen are my go to

Agree with the others! I usually use gel but when I don’t Essie is the best x

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I love Nails Inc! They have such a nice colour range and always last a week or more for me!

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My favourite for summer is Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset and I find it lasts really well for a bright shade. Especially with this top coat from Seche Vite. x


Try ILNP from Rainbow Connection - once you see all the colours you’ll never want to use anything else!

I really like Manucurist, great colours and more natural ingredients.
I swear by their gel effect topcoat as well!


Completely agree here - I use Essie’s Russian Roulette all year long. I also use Seche Vite and it makes my nail varnish last a week and they remain shiny - have tried many other top coats, but Seche Vite is the best.

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Have you tried Biab instead of Shellac? I’ve never looked back since switching! Otherwise the Essie range wears well! I also rate OPI X

Absolutely agree with Essie! I use the Gel Couture with the top coat too.

CND shellac has a matching range of polish called Vynalux. So if you have a colour you love you should be able to match it in a polish which is a 7 day + wear.
OPI infinite Shine is approx 10 days +
Artistic Gloss Revolution and Morgan Taylor (colours that match the gelish brand) also 10 days +.

I use Essie and seche vite top coat. I’m very hard on my hands by gardening, dogs and general house duties and these dint last a week but do well. As for shellac or worse builder gel they have wrecked my nails :pensive:

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Yes I have used BIAB - really good for your nails and lasts up to 4 weeks

I use Leighton Denny nail polish which I find lasts really well plus easy to apply. I also use his treatments which I find give excellent results especially after having gel manicures.

OPI infinite shine is “gel-like” but still normal polish. You need the top and base coat from the infinite shine collection too, but usually lasts!

Thank you for all your suggestions! Super helpful :slight_smile:

I find Chanel’s Le Vernis range lasts well, also for something more affordable, Mavala - really pleasingly tiny bottles so you feel like there’s minimal wastage. It’s tedious, I do usually do about three coats, plus base & top, otherwise regular polish just won’t last on me, I’m a serial chipper!