Long weekend in Amsterdam!

Spending a long weekend in Amsterdam next weekend with my boyfriend and would love some recommendations for things to do and places to eat. Thank you xxxx

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This will be so fun, I love Amsterdam!

The Moco Museum is great for contemporary art, when I was there they had a lot of Banksy pieces. A boat trip along the canal is a lot of fun especially if you’re lucky with the weather! Also the bloemenmarkt is filled with stunning flowers everyday so it’s worth stopping by.

If you’re interested in history the Anne Frank house is worth a visit, it does attract a lot of tourists so try to book in advance if you can.

As for food, you need to go to an Indonesian Restaurant for the famous Rijsttafel and Café George is a great New York-style bistro for dinner: https://www.george.amsterdam/

For something sweet head to The Pancake Bakery for traditional Dutch pancakes and Van Wonderen for stroopwafels - you won’t regret it!


Oh how fun I love Amsterdam! Some of my favourite places are in this guide we did:

Petit Caron is a must, as is Stork, a buzzy riverside food hub - enjoy!

Second the recommendation for the Moco Museum. We did a Brunch Barge boat tour which was a fun way to see the city from the water and also eat at the same time. Recommend walking around the Nine Streets area to check out the shops there.

The Van Gogh Museum is unmissable. As is the Rijksmuseum and the restaurant that’s attached to it.

I second Anne Franks house!
We also went to this insane fish restaurant where it is slightly interactive. You select your fish from a huge display at the front with your sides and then walk through to another area where you pick your wine. They then have a bar bit and restaurant. Was delicious and nice to go somewhere a bit different. (Vongole was amazing!)

I live in Amsterdam :wave: and would recommend Anne Frank’s (like the others!) but I’m afraid the tickets will have sold out by now :frowning: If you’re dying to go, you can get tickets on the day but beware that the queues can be long.

In that neighbourhood (Jordaan) is the oldest market in the Netherlands, the Noordermarkt. It’s only open on Saturday’s and is a cool place to hand out and be seen it––think Borough Market for the food meets Broadway Market for the outfits! Would recommend going to browse and for people watching after the Anne Frank Museum.

On the same square in Winkle43 (literally translated is shop 43 :woman_shrugging:) and it serves the :clap: best :clap: apple pie you’ve ever had in your life. Recommend to have with a fresh mint tea and some honey.

Libertine Cafe is the other side of the square and is a seen-to-be-seen cosy French-style bistro with a little terrace area. If it’s sunny, I’d recommend you find a terrace for some wine/spritz/beer and snacks!

There are lots more I could recommend some more based on location, where are you staying @chloelouiseward? Also would recommend Little Black Book Amsterdam, lots of great tips with some local insights and they publish weekend guides every week, so may be helpful for you to check it out before you go.

Aww so helpful, thank you! We are staying around Jordaan x

Then all of these will be perfect for you! Would also recommend Saint Jean for an AMAZING coffee and pastry (they’re all vegan but are honestly better than anything I’ve tasted with butter).

Wolf Bakery is in the Nine Streets (the infamous shopping streets in the canal district) and does great brunch/lunch.

It’s also a bit rainy here this weekend and it tends to rain little and often (!) so I’d advise to pack like a local and bring something lightweight to put in your bag to cover up for when you’re out and about to stay dry amidst the inventible showers.

If there’s anything else you fancy knowing a bit more about, music/art/film etc, let me know and I can try to recommend.

Have a fantastic time and don’t forget to look, look and look again for those infamous cyclists :joy:

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Aw Amsterdam is so fun and Jordaan is such a great spot to stay in! The flower canal there is beautiful.

Bonnie for dinner (burgers so yum). Dignita and Staring at Jacob have great brunch.

Yusu is a really cool café. It is very aesthetic and has the best matcha in the city! The pastries were lovely at Levain et Le Vin.

There are tonnes of great vintage shops to check out. The Van Gogh museum is also so lovely :slight_smile:

The nine streets for shopping is one of my fave areas to stroll around.

The Adam Lookout