Looking for a coat that will get me through London winter

An Aussie here who has just moved to London and is in search of winter coat recommendations. Looking for something warm, stylish and good quality! Can anyone recommend any UK brands? Xx


Hi Hannah. As a Saffa having lived in London for the last 12 years- I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the cold! I’m a big fan of an Arket puffer. Super toasty and it will keep you warm.


I’m originally from Zimbabwe and after over 20 years still agree completely that you will probably never get used to the cold :cold_face:

I recommend layering up instead of getting a heavy coat especially in London where you may be hopping on and off buses and in the Underground which can get quite hot

UNIQLO do some great lightweight puffers which I’ve found quite warm, great for layering and easily smartened up by wearing a belt if they don’t come with one

Do check out their thermals as well!!!

COS and M&S also have some great offerings:

I like to have a down puffer for more casual wear and a wool coat for smarter looks, but reckon you should see how you go with your first winter here before buying too much

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Do you have a budget?x

I bought one from & other stories last year, it is expensive high street but definitely worth it and it looks more premium.
Massimo Dutti have a great selection and I have also seen this one on H&M.

They have a great premium section x

I recently tried this on in Varley and fell in love…

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I love this, I have me eye on this!! Every time I get an email from Varley it is screaming buy me!! I don’t live in London (though itching to get to the new store), would you say it is true to size/if you wanted to wear a jumper underneath? x