Looking for a new bed and mattress...

Hello all!,

I’m looking for a new bed and mattress. I’m wondering wether to go for an upholstered or wooden bed (thoughts?! Do upholstered beds stand the test of time? where can you buy nice wooden beds?) and am looking for a supportive mattress to go with.

Any recommendations?

Much appreciated!


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I’ve had my upholstered bed for over ten years and it’s as good as new! It’s a simple neutral suede look with a buttoned headboard - the only thing I wish I’d done differently is get a divan bed for extra storage - lots of people store winter clothes in their beds in summer and vice versa, or shoes, ski kit etc. A patterned headboard is obviously very on trend at the moment, but just make sure you choose a fabric you won’t tire of and feel would work in a different setting in case you move.

When it comes to mattresses, it really is personal preference but you can’t go wrong with John Lewis.

Very happy with the Emma mattress. Super comfy.

I second this! I have had an Emma for over 3 years x

I love a divan with an uphostered headboard. Netpune do some great headboards and it gives you the option to change the fabric in years to come if it begins to look tired.