Looking for a new foundation

I’ve used, Charlotte tilbury magic, Armani Silk, NARS Sheer Glow and IT Cosmetics CC but they don’t sit on my face very well throughout the day anymore

Any recommendations welcome - something with good coverage but not drying


I have used this for years and still nothing rivals it for coverage: Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation - boots

It’s lightweight too and never feels too thick! I’ve been really impressed by this too: ICONIC London Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint 30ml (Various Shades) | Cult Beauty

But it is quite sheer!


I love the Clinique Stay Matte foundation it sits beautifully💓

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I haven’t tried it myself…but il makiage is a brand I keep hearing about. Anyone tried it? I’ve tried everything over the years…Charlotte Tilbury…Armani, Chanel…,.all were over rated in my opinion. Just couldn’t get to grips with them at all! I end up going back to Revlon Colorstay every time, but I’m convinced there is a better one out there somewhere with my name on it!

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Genuinely really Loving this (I’m using light- medium) that we all
Got sent

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Trinny London BFF

Shiseido Synchro Skin Self Refreshing is really spectacular for finish and shade range. There is also Radiant Finish from Shiseido if you’d like to have a comparison from the same brand. So beautiful - use it on campaigns and red carpet, as well as on brides. X