Looking for birthday present ideas for my brother

Would love some suggestions of what to get my 20 year old brother for his birthday… something unique, designer maybe?
He’s into cooking and also loves the outdoors.

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The great British bake off in London is really good fun

What about one of these - if he loves cooking I’m sure he’ll love those:

been eyeing this bag

I also really rate my Sweater Shirt from Faherty. A bit of a splurge no doubt (for a shirt) but get incredibly great wear out of it. Perfect for AU/WI layering. Material is so cosy.
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If he loves cooking look at borough market online or Rick stein online. Or maybe get him cooking class vouchers? Could be fun experience. For outdoors ideas maybe a weekend or night away for him to explore like Lake District or my area of Scotland.

How about a portable cooking stove and utensils for possible camping trips? Will cover both the cooking and the outdoors aspect!

This website offer engraving on any fragrances and they have a great range of men’s aftershaves: https://www.engraversguild.co.uk/personalised-aftershave/