Looking for cotton or natural fibre dresses and white trousers

Hola Polly - looking for some gorgeous tips on cotton or natural dresses midi and white natural trousers or breathable silver metallic (if there is such a 'thing) that are not ‘sausage/cling-film’ in the look when you have them on - ie straight or wide thanks so much, S

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Hello!! I got some lovely linen pieces from Cleeyae & Dissh last summer which are definitely worth a look. I also love Arkitaip - so many pretty linen dresses.

In terms of metallic leather trousers, it might be a tricky time of year to look for them but I have these ones from Rotate and I’m obsessed - they’re more of a straight fit and are lined with cotton so don’t get quite as sweaty as other ones!

Dear Polly thanks so much - have been checking on Arkitaip and Rotate - you definitely understood what I was getting at - yeh!