Looking for reasonably priced extraction facials in London

Does anyone know of any facialists in London who won’t charge a fortune but are willing to include extraction in their service? So many places I’ve gone recently refuse to do it anymore.

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Skin Laundry is brilliant and they definitely used to do extractions - sometimes they throw it in on top of the laser but can’t recommend them enough. Also worth checking Sk:N clinics sometimes. They are quite affordable in comparison to other places and may offer it within their facials x


I’ve had one of cowshed’s quickie 30 min ones and they did it then so deffo check out cowshed for this (it was around £60 I believe) x

Thanks guys! xx


It’s such a minefield! I like Fern in Belsize Park and @casaprado in Queen’s Park xx

I go to Skinglow beauty in St Margaret’s (near Richmond) who is amazing!

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Kate Kerr at Sea Containers does exceptional extractions!

Hey @HarrietRussell did you find any good place for extractions? I am still looking with no success!