Looking for the perfect pink lipstick

My absolute favourite pink lipstick is Poeme by Lancome (L’Absolu Rouge) but I can’t find it anywhere, I think that shade must have been discontinued and my lipstick is sadly about to run out. Can anyone recommend a similar shade please? It’s a dusty pink and it lasts all day. I’m open to different price points, OR if anyone can find where I can buy that shade please point me in the right direction, thank you so much!

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I love the L’Oreal Colore Riche lipsticks (nos. 235, 630 and 214) as well as the Dior Addict in Pink Bow! https://www.dior.com/en_int/beauty/products/Y0291000-dior-addict-hydrating-shine-lipstick-90-natural-origin-ingredients-refillable

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Hi, I was having a look for you and noticed that it is available in John Lewis. I hope I have the correct product.

Aw thanks for looking! So they still do the L’Absolu lipsticks but they seem to have discontinued the colour Poeme 290, I’ve attached the last of mine for reference :blush: It’s such a pretty pink I’ve had so many compliments on it over the years but can’t find that shade anymore!
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 14.10.59
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 14.10.58

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Is it this one?


I love doing these kinds of searches.

This link hasn’t worked, but when I checked on Sephora they have 290 in stock. No idea why that link didn’t go directly to the product.

Yes that’s the only place I could see 290 too! My only reservation is that on Lancome’s website they have 290 but it’s called ‘Merci Simone’…so I have no idea if it’s the same shade renamed, or if it’s different as they don’t put the names on Sephora annoyingly. It does look very similar though doesn’t it, so I think I might give that Sephora one a go - thank you!

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Have you checked out Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks? They are absolutely stunning and she has a fantastic shade range. The quality is impeccable, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


I had a friend recommend these actually! I’ll definitely check them out:)

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Charlotte Tilbury - gracefully pink!!

I love this Code 8 La Piscine Lipstick such a pretty pink

Charlotte Tilbury’s Dancefloor Princess lipstick is a lovely pink.