Has any one tried the Lumen device for measuring metabolism? I’ve read an article in The Times today explaining how it works. I wonder if it’s useful for working out how to avoid those “ wading through treacle” days. Less about weight loss more about mood/energy management for me?

Hi Ann, I have tried the Lumen but didn’t find it hugely helpful. I think it could be useful for weight loss but I personally found it very restrictive and not aligned with my lifestyle. For example, it would tell me to eat 20g of carbs on a day I was planning a long run, or similar. If you’re looking to improve energy/mood, I highly recommend following the Glucose Goddess, her book is fascinating and full of useful and practical tips to keep mood, hormones, etc, more balanced… good luck! x

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Thank you for replying and your advice, I’ll pop over to Google now :grinning: