Lunch, Dinner, Drinks Central London

Hi SL Community, spending first weekend away with hubby (in 20 years!) and meeting college friends in London. We have left bookings late (Andrew Edmund’s full :cry:). Where would you recommend over our four days?


If you’re central I absolutely love going to DOZO Soho for lunch, super authentic Japanese food and no booking needed (you might have to queue but usually goes quite quickly), and absolutely love Opium as cocktail bar (they also do dimsum), it’s located hidden away in China Town and the cocktails are amazing!

Thank you so much. Any recommendations for British food for one of the meals?

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Sucra is a great lunch spot, its not British food, its Latin American but very hearty and yummy

L’entricote is amazing if you like steak (they only serve steak and chips, simple - but they serve it twice and it’s really quirky and yum!)

Bob Bob Ricard is amazing too- great food and interior.

Love any of the san Carlo restaurants too but the Covent Garden is my favourite x

Thank you all so much :pray:

Go for Noble Rot, Quo Vadis or one of the St John’s if you’re after best of British!