Lymphatic drainage massage - worth it?

Has anyone had a lymphatic drainage massage? If so, where and was it worth it?

I’m debating getting one before my wedding to debloat but I don’t know if they’re worth the hype?

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They are so good! Results are temporary but the lightweight feeling you get post-massage is amazing. Plus, it just feels so good - very relaxing

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Thanks! How temporary were the results for you? Wondering if it’s worth it a few days before the wedding or whether there’s no point if they don’t last very long?

I’ve had one before and definitely felt lighter and more svelte, but I think you need to go somewhere really good who know what they’re doing, and also no indulge in salt, alcohol or sugar afterwards

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I think definitely worth it if a day or two pre-wedding! You will see results for a couple of days, but as Georgina says, you need to be strict with no booze etc after so you don’t counteract effects x

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Yes 100% worth it! I love Dimple Amani, she’s amazing. Based in Pimlico and about to launch at Harrods. If you can get an appt with Flavia Morellato, she’s also great. I wrote this piece last year which may also help! The Lymphatic Drainage Experts To Book Now | SheerLuxe


I tried Re Place whilst at Balance Festival this weekend. It was really cool and can help with lymphatic drainage - so could be an alternative option to those above?

Does anyone have any recs for places in the West Midlands area? Great recs are always in London :frowning: