Make-up lesson in London

Hi Everyone, I’m getting married abroad and would like to do my own (very natural) make-up, but I’m a pretty clueless! Can anyone recommend someone who does make-up lessons but isn’t tied to a brand? I’d love some independent advice about what products and application work best for me. Thank you!

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Hi, congrats! How exciting. I know this is a branded suggestion (sorry!) , but the Bobbi Brown pros really know their stuff when it comes to wedding make up. You can book an in-store or virtual consultation here

Tricky with it not being tied to a brand, as some of the best are. I second Bobbi Brown. That said, this I’ve heard great things about:

Worth checking out for sure! x

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I have also heard v good things about Bobbi Brown! x

Thank you! X

Thanks so much - I’ll have a look at this too! X

Kristina in Barnes is great - she does private sessions that are 2hrs long for 200 - I got gifted one by sisters after complaining I didn’t know what I was doing and it was a game changer.

The studio also regularly looks for models for training other MUAs which is a lovely way to spend afternoon and pick up some tips without the price tag.

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Congratulations!! I did the same with my wedding makeup after trialling a few professionals not liking the outcome.
My favourite brand was Chantecaille so I popped to their Liberty counter and explained my situation. They sat me down for two hours, showing me how to apply each part of the makeup, how to hold the different brushes etc and put absolutely no pressure on me to buy anything (although of course I did!). The wonderful sales assistant even ran around to all the different counters trying to find exactly the right shade of lipstick. I would recommend them to anyone!