Make up primer that prevents foundation settling in wrinkles

I’m looking for recommendations for a make up primer that will prevent foundation settling in wrinkles. Particularly number eleven lines.


I had this issue, but i recently changed my primer to the elf power grip primer, and I haven’t had this issue since


Oh I haven’t tried that brand Thanks. I wish u could get samples to try , save me spending a fortune on products that aren’t suitable lol I had heard that strivectin do a good one ? Anyone tried this ?
Ty H

I second the elf one! But also this:

It’s very hydrating too - just let it settle before you apply any make-up on top

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The elf one is supposedly a dupe of the milk makeup one

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Colorstay revlon is good too kerps my make up last all day

Ive just started using MONUskin illuminating Primer SPF15. Great on its own over sunscreen. Not sticky, does not settle in lines, dry areas or textured zones. I paid postage only from an online offer on their website.


Ty brill offer

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I swear by 2x primers… No setting in wrinkles and no makeup splitting:
The Ren primer will keep your makeup looking as good in the evening as it does in the morning. The Laura Mercier gives you a total paste base which is so smooth and makes a huge difference too.

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Oh I love ren products but have never tried the primer

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It’s a total game changer. Like an adhesive for your makeup. I could not recommend it higher x

I’d also recommend the elf primer, the green one really helps with hydration

I use this one too

I am yet to find a better primer than this one from Armani Beauty:

I second the Laura Mercier blurring primer not only does it not settle into lines it smoothes you lines out so you hardly notice them

I love Delilah primer

I am obsessed with Skin Nova by Vieve Skin Nova mini | Travel size glowy primer | VIEVE


Love this too!