Make-up routine from 40

Next month i turn 40 and can i ask if you have a simple/minimal makeup routine to suggest?i have a combination skin…in particular, i’ve searching a light base:a BB cream or a light foundation to put with fingers too so i can run quickly to work in the morning.Thank you :hugs:


Have you tried the IT Cosmetics CC cream? It’s a classic! x

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No,never…i thought It was too heavy…Thanks so much for the advice☺️


I rave about it all the time but I love this:

It is quite sheer but gives such a nice glow

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Thanks!!!i love sheer tint and Cult Beauty Site ships in Italy too☺️

I love Trinny’s BFF cream, couldn’t be without it! I panic when I am running low. It gives a lovely sheer glow on its own but add some NARS light reflecting foundation where I need a bit more coverage. Perfect for drier, mature skin types. Can also recommend IT Cosmetics CC cream, Trinny De-Stress and Monica Blunder Blunder Cover.


Oh Thank you!so many interesting brands.:smiling_face:

I highly recommend a Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser!


Yes I like IT but you need to use a small amount or I agree it is too heavy
Trinny bff a great favourite
Join beauty pie!
Loving super luminous skin tint


I love skinceuticals mineral radiance spf50. It’s tinted and light coverage and I always get compliments on my skin. Gives a great blur and glow and doesn’t cake like a foundation. It’s out of stock a lot of places at the moment.
Be careful not to buy the sheer mineral as it’s not tinted.

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Seconding the It Cosmetics CC cream. It can be heavy, but I use it sort of like halfway between a foundation and a concealer. I pat it on where I have a lot of redness, mostly nose and chin. Make sure you’re moisturized. Then I use my Aveda mineral tinted moisturizer (not really a mineral product, don’t know why they call it that) everywhere else. The It under eye concealer is great too. I use so little of each they are going to last forever.

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I really like the eroborian cc cream, space NK do travel sizes so you can try it before committing and it’s got lots of great skincare ingredients and spf too! Erborian CC Cream | Erborian UK

I like the Ultrasun tinted face fluid - great everyday spf and nice light coverage when using 2 finger lengths of product. Great multitasking product if you’re looking to save time in the mornings xx

Agree, Laura Mercia tinted moisturiser - the best! There are a wide range of shades to choose from.