Please share your current skincare and make up routine/application tips - your skin always looks so glowy and flawless. Plus, the colours (blush etc) look great on you.
Thank you!


Here for this content, excellent question!


Thank you! A lot of it is skincare - i’m very obsessed with glowy skin before I begin my make-up. At the moment i’m using Beauty Pie Youthbomb, Stella McCartney’s range which I love, and then if it’s really dry and I want some extra glow it’s Weleda’s skinfood. I also use Summer Friday’s jet lag mask and 111skin sheet masks a few times a week. My make-up routine is coming to SL Instagram over the holidays so keep your eyes peeled…! but I don’t use any powders, only liquids and creams xx


Thank you! I’m looking forward to the makeup content coming soon. X

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