Making friends

Hi All,

The older I get the more I find that making friends in my late 30s is hard. I feel like everyone has solid friends or those they’ve known pretty much most of their life. Any advice? Maybe it doesn’t help that most days i love being a home body. Anyone else find it hard?


I think the thing i’ve found helps is new hobbies and doing classes. You’ve already got something in built as something you have in common and also means you’re either doing something you love too or learning something new.

I also find it quite difficult as most of my closest friends have moved out of London or have young families so I don’t see them that often anymore.


You could also try an event at the Lonely Girls Club (or a similar collective) which connects women looking to meet new people!


I’m feeling exactly the same at the moment, I recently moved out of London to a new city and don’t know anyone and alot of my friends are quite spread out (geographically) now and have kids etc so I’m really feeling like it would be good to meet new people, especially that live in the same area. As others have said I think joining classes or clubs is a good idea and I also recently heard about a community called City Girls Network which operates in a number of cities around the country and hold various events and classes. I just signed up for a coffee break event which I’m nervous to go to not knowing anyone at all but hopefully will be a good introduction.


I’m so glad this has become a topic as I’m struggling with the same. Doesn’t help when you’ve moved around a bit but damn, I was beginning to wonder if it was just me :sweat_smile: Glad I’m not the only one… looking forward to seeing some advice here! :pray:t3:

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I am recently divorced and have found myself with more time on my hands and a tighter group of friends around me, that are mostly married. I have found this a challenge too. I have joined various groups of interest on Meet-Up whether hiking, theatre, and book-clubs with Champagne. It’s been lovely to meet new people that have shared interests. Would recommend.


I’ve recently moved back to the UK after spending 5 years abroad, a lot of my friends have small kids now or are all in London 2 hours away. Download the bumble appp and set it to bff mode. It feels really strange at first but everyone on there is there for exactly the same reasons and in the same way as it does for online dating it just makes the actual meeting of people that much easier. Good luck! x