Marquee wedding dressing

Hello Georgie! We’re having a marquee wedding in September and dressing the marquee ourselves, do you have any tips for this or anything you found works particularly well? Thank you xx

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Of course - I have a board on Pinterest that is wedding marquee inspo :white_heart:

Also attaching pics from my own wedding - we had one of those marquees where if the weather is good you can lift up the sides, and luckily it was so that was really great because then the outside contributed to being part of our decor. The marquee company put in festoon lights and this looked lovely, especially as it got darker - I would definitely ask what the marquee company what they can bring in terms of lighting. I didn’t have a centre piece but the 3 lovely long tables looking gorgeous made the biggest impact -making sure I liked the cutlery and chairs for example. Budget wise - decor can add up pretty quickly so I also utilised the flowers from the ceremony pairing with tall candles as I think having that varied hight on the table looks really elevated. I also did embroidered napkins from Gigi & Olive because I wanted it to be the keepsake which all the guests took (which they did!) but that was the main thing everyone kept talking about and friends still send me pictures of them using them at home 2 years later so I love that and was worth it.

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