Marrakech - Respectful outfits

Hey! I’m heading to Marrakech in a couple of weeks. I’ve never been and I feel a little nervous about what to wear. I want to be respectful but still wear some of my favourite looks. It’ll reach 35 degrees whilst I’m there! I have loose trousers and linen shirts for the days, but I’m not sure what’s acceptable to wear of an evening without melting. Any recommendations? Thanks so much everyone xxx


Here are some suggestions:

A crochet or embroidered over jacket:

Dresses / jumpsuits:


Bottoms: (opt for light fabrics, light colours and a loose fit)

Hope this helps! Wishing you a safe trip, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been and personally felt most comfortable when out and about in trouser and shirt co-ords so I also mainly wore these in the evening too, I just dressed them down for the day and up for the evening! I think it is ok to wear other pieces, perhaps a linen blazer would be a useful, lightweight layer to take for the evenings x

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I have also been and stuck to midi dresses for the evenings. I think as long as you can bring a shawl or something to cover you then that is perfect for walking around!

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I think a linen coord for the evening is perfect. Just pop on some fun jewellery and a bag to differentiate from the day time look

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Thank you sooo much for responding lovelies! This has really helped xx enjoy the bank holiday weekend xx

Linen set from Oysho was perfect when I went. Took three different colour ways!

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Thank you xx

I love these dresses from Realisation Par. They are super flattering, keep you fully covered and the material is very thin (but not see through) so it’s perfect for hot weather. A little bit of an investment but I wear it so often. Plus can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with trainers or flat sandals x

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Love this idea Alexa, they are such flattering dresses!


Thanks Alexa xx

I’ve a similar holiday coming up - I’m packing shirt & trouser co’ords as you can wear the shirt as a jacket over a vest tee. I’ve got a couple recently from Mango and I’ve bought one yesterday from Mint Velvet as they currently have 20% off. Enjoy your trip honey x

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Thanks so much Lizzi, enjoy your holiday too xx