Marrakesh recommendations

I am off to Marrakesh in a few weeks, I am making reservations for restaurants and planning my time there, does anyone have any recommendations of places to book/visit? thank you x

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If you’re still needing accommodation, there are some really lovely places in this feature:

This is a delicious & lovely spot for lunch, in the middle of the souks but away from the hustle & bustle as it’s up on the terrace - you’ll need to book or arrive at midday to get a table, but so worth it - mostly veggie food and all delicious. Home - NOMAD - Restaurant Marrakech
A fun and delicious restaurant for the evening with a v cool dj and in a beautiful riad is this place
You have to go down a few blind alleys to get there but it’s worth it, music gets going about 11 - v fun.
When bartering / buying things, nothing is priced, so when they suggest an initial price for something you want to end up paying no more than 50% of this. So come back with a super low offer - it’s a hard negotiation and things aren’t cheap (or that’s what I found!)
I’d also say avoid the tanneries - deeply smelly and not interesting at all. I also avoided the main square totally which was easy to do and meant I didn’t have to see monkeys tied up etc.

We just came back from a week in Marrakesh and I built a list on google maps you might like to look at -

Restaurants & Cafe’s I’d recommend:
Dar Moha
Al Fassia Gueliz
Dar Yacout
La Trattoria
Comptoir Darna
Le Palace
Rooftop Dardar
Atay Cafe
Terrasse la maison des epices
Cafe des epices
Le Jardin

I’d also recommend going out to Beldi Country club for a day by the pool, they do a great lunch deal that includes the use of the pools etc and it’s really relaxing.

For shopping I’d head out to the industrial quarter we went for a shopping morning and it was fab. We came home with an extra suitcase.

Have fun :slight_smile:

thanks so much Loz, so helpful. I’ve booked NOMAD!

Oh this is so helpful, thank you!!