Marrakesh / When to go, where to stay and what to do?

I’m arranging a girls trip with my bestie to Marrakesh. Ideally anytime from March onwards. A few q’s …when to travel, where to stay and what to do? Any reccs would be hugely appreciated. Ideally nothing that is too ‘blow the budget’. I hear there’s lots to do x


This sounds so fun! You should definitely visit the YSL museum – I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time x


Marrakesh is a great experience except for red heads. I visited many years ago and could get peace to eat lunch for men coming up to touch my hair. A bit disconcerting, my friend also a red head had a similar experience so much so she came home early.

Having said that managed to barter the price down on a few items because the sellers liked my hair.

I hope you have a wonderful the grand bazaar was an amazing place

Love Marrakesh, I think April would be nice to go as its not too hot but you’re definitely escaping the UK chill. I went in January and the weather was lovely

I stayed at a riad in the old town which was lovely, there’s lots of good options on airbnb for riads, which are essentially hotels.

For activities, I’d definitely grab a drink at the Mamounia (iconic hotel with beautiful gardens). YSL museum was a must, super cool. Walking around the Souk is a good activity in of itself as well.

If you have more time there’s a super cute coastal town called Essaouira, which was a two hour bus from Marrakesh. If you have longer than a week I’d 100% book a private car to take you to the desert. It ends up being a 3 day trip with some great stops and the desert at merzouga is just so breathtaking.

Remember to take out cash as well!

So fun, I went at the end of last April and loved it!!

I’d really recommend Le Jardin, El Fenn and Nomad for food! We stayed in a Riad in the Medina which was amazing to experience but then we also went out into the country for the day at a hotel and I loved that because it was so hot. It was so nice to enjoy the heat by a big pool! If I went again I think I would stay out and then travel into the Medina to explore for a day or two x

Love Marrakech! We actually got married there last April and the weather was perfect, around 25 degrees every day. There are so many great bars and restaurants - a few of our favourites are:

Nomad - restaurant for lunch / dinner in the medina

Le Jardin - great for lunch in the medina

L’mida - rooftop restaurant great food

Les jardins Du Lotus - really cool for dinner with a DJ

El Fenn - another rooftop, good for drinks

Kanaba - this is just 5 mins from El Fenn and is cool for dinner and drinks, another rooftop!

LingLing - this is in the Mandarin Oriental which is gorgeous

Beldi country club - this was our pre wedding venue, you can get lunch and pool access for the day for around £50

Le Comptoir Darna - restaurant for dinner, they have performers - snake dancers etc.

A trip to the Atlas Mountains is a must if you have time, or a stay overnight in the Afagay desert - some amazing accommodation options!

Enjoy! Lucy x

I went to Morocco last December, stayed in Agadir and had a day trip to Marrakesh.
Walking around the Souk is an amazing experience - but be prepared to haggle ferociously if you want to buy anything - I bought a straw basket which was entertaining in itself and even led to the old vendor leaving it at my feet and walking away.
Sit in a restaurant/cafe overlooking Jemaa El Finaa square and watch the outdoor market change from day to evening. As darkness falls the square comes alive with the buzz of food stalls, gambling activities, dancing and flights of birds. A feast for the eyes.
Visit a quiet riad for lunch and enjoy the peace and tranqulity. Evening dinner should include a belly dancing and local music.
Bahia Palace is worth a visit, as is Medersa Ben Youssef

Some great suggestions, just wanted to note that Ramadan dates are March 10 - April 9, where are lot of the restaurants and attractions will be closed during the day. Would still be a great experience regardless, but maybe not exactly the holiday that was intended!

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I got back from Marrakesh last week, so am fresh with ideas! I work in travel (as an independent travel consultant) so when I go to new places, exploring is part of the job!
The weather now is beautiful, so March/April time will be perfect. It does start to get busy around then, so I would book accommodation soon. Not sure how long you are there for? 2/3 nights in the Medina (the old town of Marrakesh) is plenty for exploring the Souks, going to see some of the (very instagram friendly) sights, and eating at the restaurants.
We booked Dar Dar Rooftop for dinner sun down and it was a really great spot, fun energy, good food, glorious sunset (book in advance by a week or so). Le Jardin in the Medina is a gorgeous lunch spot. Naranj was a cheap yet wonderful Lebanese place, for lunch or dinner. The best lunch I actually had was in Le Jardin in The Royal Mansour hotel (a 5* luxury property just outside the Medina), stunning property.
There is a cute coffee shop in the heart of the Medina called Kesh Cup if you need your daily fix and Bacha Coffee in Bacha Museum - you have to pay to get in (yes, to access the coffee shop!), but again, really worth it for a little look around, and the coffee and pastries were delicious.
El Fenn is a gorgeous hotel (might be a bit out of budget to stay?) but you can book the rooftop for lunch or dinner and drinks. A really beautiful place and the hotel itself is a design feast for the eyes. If you are going for a bit longer, I would look at 2/3 nights in a Riad in the Medina, then 2/3 nights at a larger hotel just outside for some r&r by the pool in the sunshine. Or head up to the Atlas Mountains for a night or two. Desert camps are also an option for a 3/2 split! Totally depends how long you have and what sort of trip you want it to be. Here to help you plan (in a more professional manner) if you ever wanted! L x

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Such a great place to visit… I love going in our autumn/winter/spring for winter sun and a change of scene.

I’d stay in the medina in a Riad if you are planning a long weekend or further out if you are there for longer.

Suggestions of activities

Wander around the souks
Have a hammam and spa
Day and pool at Beldi Country Club
Cocktails at Barometre
Dinner at Bo Zin
Atlas Mountains trip
Sundowners overlooking the main square and street food at the evening market


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I went many years ago and had a good time. Enjoy

Places in Marrakech
Lalla Takerkoust
Le Salama Rooftop

Comptoir Darna
Palais Jad Mahal
Chez Ali
Buddha Bar

Café des Épices
Zeitoun Cafe
Le Wander (American diner)

Pâtisserie Amandine
Dar El Bacha !!! Must go

  • [ ] La Sultana
  • [ ] Beldi Country Club
  • [ ] Les jardins du lotus
  • [ ] Amanjena
  • [ ] Bloom House (yoga café)


  • [ ] Dar darma

Beauty centres

  • [ ] Les sœurs parisiennes

Concept stores / Furniture

  • [ ] La Marrakechoise

  • [ ] Quartier industriel Sidi Ghanem

  • [ ] Moro

  • [ ] Four Seasons - poo and lunch 650dhs

  • [ ] Terre des Étoiles

  • [ ] La Paillotte

  • [ ] Café de la Poste

  • [ ] Anima Garden

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I would highly recommend Palais Blanc Riad to stay at. We were there for a week last September. The rooms, terraces, pool area and breakfast are amazing. Everything is white, v chic! It’s a short walk to the souk - 10 minutes to the medina but totally tranquil at the hotel. They don’t serve alcohol but we had a fridge in our room.

YSL museum a must.

Cafe des Epices rooftop is great for lunch.
La Famille amazing vegan and vegetarian food
Plus 61 really cool.
Can also add to the recommendations for Nomad and El Fenn :slight_smile:

Make sure to take an empty hand luggage suitcase for all the amazing homeware you can buy in the souks! Glassware and ceramics a must :heartbeat:

THANK YOU ALL! Endless options, hugely appreciate your help x

Love the empty suitcase note - it’s like you know me ha ha!!!

Spring and Autumn are best.
We stayed (and got married) at Villa Fawakay just outside the medina. It’s an oasis of calm with great hosts, swimming pools, beautiful rooms and a driver that can take you into the centre or out to the Atlas mountains whenever you need. They do yoga and shopping retreats too.

Hi, I realise you’ve had a lot of recommendations already but I just got back from Marrakesh y’day. It was 26 degrees during the day but needed a cardigan by night.

For a girls night (dress up £££): Comptoir Darna for dinner and drinks (they have a belly dancing show at 9.30pm and a DJ upstairs at the weekend)

More casual dinner: Nomad (££ and great to be on a rooftop for sunset)

Jemaa el F’na - The main square has lots of cheap street food if you want to be very budget friendly but still very tasty

Coffee: Mandala society (also cute for brunch)
Or Bacha coffee which is a bit of an institution but yes you have to pay a small fee to get in (but this also gives you access to the museum) however expect a queue unless you’re there before opening time (10am)

To do: explore the Souks, book a Hammam/ massage, go to the Jardin Majorelle (YSL’s villa with beautiful gardens - book in advance), visit Jemaa el F’na at night to see anything from snake charmers to games

I’d highly recommended a night or two at a camp in the Agafay desert. It’s so peaceful there, they often have pools and the sunset/ views of the mountains are amazing. Our place was an hour from the airport and it included breakfast.

My husband and I have a travel blog and we’ll be writing up our recs/ accomodation on there soon so keep an eye out for updates at

Not sure I’ve ever seen so many great replies on one thread!

This is the place I have bookmarked for when I go: