Mary Jane Flats

Has anyone seen any great black flat Mary Jane shoes? Under £150 :smiley:xx


There are so many on the high street right now. I think these are a great price and Cos shoes always wear really well! x

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I’ve got a lovely pair from zara which are a little more directional (in metallic silver). think they may be sold out out now but I’ve seen a few similar ones elsewhere:|117574734673|pla-361282089597&gclid=CjwKCAjw6eWnBhAKEiwADpnw9nEGldRzAIIMPlv9wLnaJv0OaYudcQJOB6fBjXtTCnteA6weIlIWWxoCbjQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


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I really like the idea of some velvet ones for something a bit different - I love these Black Blanket-stitched velvet Mary Jane flats | Vibi Venezia | MATCHESFASHION UK

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Hi there are lots!
I’ve just come across these on Free People that are a little more evening wear, and Zara are always a safe option.

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I really like the flats from ALOHAS, one called Por do Sol, and the others are called Luke. I’ve been eyeing them since they launched this summer, soooo cute! I love how some women wear them with socks too! :heart_eyes:
This is what I mean :slight_smile::

Also the ones of Monki that @sapnarao suggested are suuuuper adorable (and very affordable - important hehe)!

Oh nice!

i love Augusta for Mary Janes aswell x

These are great from Zara

Thank so much, amazing suggestions. I have ordered a couple to choose between :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love these leather ones, think they are a more practical option as we go into Autumn!

Try these Mary Jane flats or the Furlane from Vibi Venezia: