Massimo Dutti Cardigan … help!

I have been obsessed with the Massimo Dutti Boucle cardigan ( for a year now. I finally bit the bullet and the brought it the other day. It’s come and feel cropped and quite tight, has anyone else brought it and if so have they sized up? I have seen it’s in social media and it’s looks so lovely and more oversized- not sure if it just doesn’t suit me but I can’t give up on my dream cardigan!!

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I honestly LOVE this, I tried it on in London in a size that is not my usual size (one size up) - and I would def have bought it in the next size up if they had it.
I think you can def get away with this look oversized and have a black polo neck, or merino wool polo neck under.

I also saw a content creator on instagram have this, and she had sized up about 3 sizes and it looked great!

Go for it!!

Thank you so much !! X

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I have this! I love it and I sized up. I think if you size up one or even two sizes you will love it! x

I got this last year and sized up, I find the Massimo jackets run quite small x