Matching tracksuit for a flight

Hi everyone! I’m already looking ahead to my next trip at the end of April so I’m being extra and planning my airport outfit now. I’d really like to get a matching tracksuit I can wear with trainers and sunnies. Happy to invest and want something that’s really cool - thanks!


Life of Ease is great! I just bought one and live in it already!

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adanola do the best sets…I live in mine…

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I have this sweatshirt in 3 colours, it’s honestly the best oversized shape I have ever worn. I have reached for it on every trip for the last year or so! I dry clean it to keep the best shape.

I don’t have the matching bottoms but they look tres comfy!


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I don’t have a tracksuit from Adanola but swear by their gymwear it’s so comfy Women's Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Joggers | Adanola

I have a tracksuit by small business Tula + Tye which I love – I have the blue tie dye

I’m also a fn of vintage sweatshirts although it’s trickier to find a matching set! Shop — Rick’s Retro

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I love Oysho!! It’s affordable too and always has nice sets with good quality x

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adanola is my fav for this!
But actually i’ve seen some really cute sents on H&M and Zara recently too.
If you’re willing to splurge on a hoodie though - I can’t recommend Picante enough - the fit, the feel, everything is perfect!



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