Mattress topper!?

Hi! Am looking for a mattress topper as our mattress is feeling a bit soft… I seem to remember Lu raving about hers recently but can’t remember where it was from? If anyone else has suggestions would love to hear them, thanks!


Hi I haven’t actually purchased one myself, yet, but I am told they are a game changer. I saw that Emma do a topper, expensive but I would hope worth it? I saw that there were some influencer codes which knocked a lot of money off- however saying that this does usually does put me off!

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This tempur pedic one is a game changer! It’s a bit expensive… but honestly worth the splurge. If you like memory foam there’s nothing better:

I have one from John Lewis which is really good! I’ve heard good things about The White Company ones too

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I love everything DUSK do - always high quality at a good price.