Men’s slippers

Hi ladies, I would love if you could offer up some men’s slipper recommendations! I want to buy some for my boyfriend who is 30. My gut tells me M&S, but are there any other brands providing nice cosy options at a similar price point? Thanks!


Are you looking for a certain type of slipper? Like the ones you put on over the heel or ones you just slip your feet into with no back.

The closed in ones! Would love to know if the stylish Sheerluxe girls have decent slipper ideas for their other halves :grinning: Crocs have been ruled out.

I would have a look at Zara Home:

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I recently bought a pair for my boyfriend from Boden - cheaper than UGG but still great quality

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I’d recommend looking in tk maxx, always such a big selection x

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Hi Dee

It’s sheepskin moccasins, then.
Some variations on a theme in different colours. The chunky ones look good…

Jacobs and Dalton

Lands End

Jones the Bootmaker


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Thanks for all the recommendations! I love the Boden ones but they’re sold out in all sizes. I have purchased a pair from Jones the Boatmaker. They look so comfortable and stylish, and a brand I’ve never heard of so I appreciate the link! Thanks again

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