Men's preloved advice


Got my husband to do a well overdue clear out at the weekend. He has a number of designer tops, shirts from Dior, Moncler, off white that I would like to sell than give to charity.

Is there any where people would suggest selling menswear? When i’ve looked it mainly seems to be ladieswear…


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Vestiaire does menswear and they’re great for designer pieces as they are authenticated, you just send the clothes to them (they provide labels) and then they sell it for you - however they do take a small percentage, but I feel like for designer that’s okay!

Thank you Vanessa - I’ll have a look at that

Vinted also now has a verification system that works well! My boyfriend has sold Burberry etc through there

agree vestiare is great, but also my bf has sold lots of his pieces including suits on depop and has said its quite a swift experience. x