Mexico City

Hey! I’m going to Mexico City (staying in Condesa) for two months to work remotely and was keen to hear if anyone had any recommendations of coffee shops, yoga studios or any general recommendations. Thank you

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I’m also visiting later this year and have bookmarked the below spots:

The Mat MX – hot yoga studio
Galanga for brunch
Cahies Bagels
Lardo, also brunch!
Buna Cafe Rico apparently does amazing coffee!

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Thanks so much!

How exciting!! My husband and I were in Mexico for 5 weeks in November and were back and forth to Mexico City three times during our travels and absolutely loved it.

My absolute favourite cafe is Panaderia Rosetta. They do take away and sit in (do expect a queue though). It’s beautiful and is owned by Mexico’s top female chef!

Madre is a beautiful spot for brunch.

If you’re looking for yoga check out Café Comunidad which is a coffee shop attached to Blanco Yoga Studio

Quentin cafe and blend station do really good coffee and are laptop friendly (however Quentin is small)

Condensa and Roma Norte have a really good cafe culture so you won’t be short of coffee spots.

We also have a blog which we’ll be adding to if you want any more recommendations but here’s our list of cafés on the following link if you fancy having a look

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Bookmarking this!

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Jealous- I went in 2020 and it is such an amazing city! I would definitely book the Lucha Libre on a Friday night as it is mad. I’d also book in advance as it is one of the best restaurants in the world! x

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