Miami + Mexico

Heading to Miami and then Mexico (Tulum) at the end of June > July. Would love to hear some hotel reccos :white_heart:

Miami considering W S.beach / Edition / Soho House but unsure? any other Recommendations?

Tulum - v stuck!

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La Valise Jungle is a new opening in Tulum which looks incredible! Otherwise Nomade, Be Tulum, and Habitas are all amazing options – sounds like you have a really fun trip ahead, enjoy!

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Hey, I’m just back from Miami!

Those hotels are in great spots, just on the beach!

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Edition is Miami is heaven i’ve stayed there and love it. Tulum it’s also worth looking at Riviera Maya - we stayed at hotel Escencia which is about a 40 min drive from Tulum so you can do it for dinner, but it’s quite an intense place - it’s nice to be off the main drag

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It’s been there a while but I stayed at The Standard on Venetian Island in Miami and loved it. The breakfast deck is just a dream in good weather (we only enjoyed it for a day before Hurricane Ian blew in!!)

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the standard is INSANE i agree

I stayed at the Esme hotel last year and loved it! It’s a small boutique hotel but in a good location by the beach!

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Thank you so much for the reccos!

Thank you so much!

Also recommend the Edition, also Faena is amazing!