Microblading - is it worth it?

I’m curious about microblading. I don’t have particularly sparse brows but do find filling them in/shaping them a bit of a boring part of the make-up routine. My friend recently got hers microbladed and looks amazing but they were quite pricy! Is it worth the price tag?

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I would say it depends on your natural brows. Do you like the way you fill them in?? Microblading can give a more natural hair stroke look which can be hard to achieve with makeup. The initial session is pricy but then you have a yearly top up and it’s much cheaper. For me it’s definitely worth it. Just make sure you go to a experienced artist.

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I had mine done for the first time several years ago and thought it was well worth the money as I don’t like the shape of my brows and I am terrible with a brow pencil!

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I had mine done 3 weeks ago so I’m still in the throes of healing but I’ll let you know how they turn out! If you go with the right person they’ll start off lightly with a shape that can be easily adapted and then you can go darker/ make changes at your touch ups.

SO worth it! Naturally, my eyebrow hair is very fair and it would look as though I had no eyebrows if I didn’t fill them in. I got mine microbladed 2 years ago, and its the best decision I’ve ever made. Now, all I do is brush them with a brow mascara and they’re done x

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I think microblading is definitely a worthwhile treatment, but going to the right place is really important. HighBrow are my absolute favourite, they always know how to make the brow look natural and they tell you exactly how long the dye will last according to your specific brow hair type. 100% worth travelling to: https://highbrowbirmingham.com/

Absolutely, in my opinion!

I am also blonde/fair so naturally fair eye brows and having them microbladed has been an absolute life saver - especially when on holiday!

I had them done about 3 years ago, and only now is it that I am considering getting them re touched up again - so value for money also so worth it.

I got microblading first around 4 years ago. I love my brows so much, make sur suit go in with an idea of shape/how you like to fill them in. I know they map your brows but when I last got mine topped up, I asked for more hair strokes at the front and I love them!!! X

So many people have had a great experience, I have been thinking about getting microblading for years but haven’t made the step yet. Can anyone recommend someone that they have been to in London?xx

I’ve not had them done myself, but I do know others who have and have been so chuffed with the results. I know Nez Hasan is meant to be the woman to see if you’re considering it. Could always try a consultation and then decide?

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Microblading was an epiphany for me honestly! I had a hard time regrowing them (I am a classic victim of the awful 00’s sperm brow trend) so I had them done in 2018 and I was so happy with the end result! It has changed my face completely and i also used the shape they gave me as a guide for growing them back again! The dye has faded after so many years, and could go back and refill some small gaps but they are so easy to fill now with a thin brow pencil!