Hi hi! I am thinking of having microneedling and wondered if anybody had any experience with it, who/where you would recommend getting it done? I’m based in London. My skin is probably classed as combination, and I get stubborn blocked pores


Hey I have got a “light” version done at Sarah chapman and really rate it!
If you’re unsure I’d recommend doing it there as it’s almost like an intro to microneedling to ease yourself in.

It didnt hurt and afterwards felt like I had been lightly sunburned and looked a bit red which was a bit irritating but didnt last that long !

A few days later I saw really good results x

I go to Vera at Viauty in Fulham every 7-8 weeks for microneedling and she is amazing, highly recommend her! I’ve noticed a big difference since I’ve been going, my skin has improved so much

It gives fantastic results… only if you take the aftercare seriously! It helps smooth texture, & gives a visible plumping effect. If you don’t follow through with the aftercare it can actually harm your skin more than it was pre-procedure. You need to really keep hydrated & slug with a good emollient for at least 7 days after the treatment but as long as possible is best. Slugging is the best option at the end of your night routine because it seals your humectants in well, but if you hate the feel of slugging then just ensure you are slathering on ceramide-rich cream. Because it slightly punctures the skin to aggravate a healing process, your skin barrier is much more compromised and likely to dehydrate or react. Because of this you really need to do overkill with hydration layers & moisturising. If you do your skin will heal quicker and reap all the benefits of the procedure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (p.s. nano needling is even better than micro needling) Hope it goes well!