Eeek another question. I don’t drink wine, beer or champagne etc - my go to spirit is vodka. Sadly I can’t stand tonic and probably err towards sweeter mixers (lemonade, ginger ale) which I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed to order (basic etc). Can you possibly recommend a mixer which may be a little more sophisticated but that most bars would have?!
And if so, is there a garnish that I can add when I host at home which would elevate it to a great cocktail for guests? Cx

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Do you like elderflower? Next time you’re home try adding a small shot of St Germain liqueur to a vodka soda or sparkling water. I think you’d love it. Most bars stock it so you could probably ask them to add it for you too.
But I love ginger beer to be honest and think it is very classic and retro chic. I can imagine Meryl Streep drinking vodka ginger beer.
Plus, add lime and its a moscow mule!

A salty dog is also a good one. Its grapefruit juice, sometimes with a splash of sparkling water and then finished with a salty rim. Kind of like a vodka marg.