Mums 70th birthday in London

For my mums 70th, myself and my brother and sister are taking her for a day out with us in London in May. We have promised her afternoon tea but apart from that looking for itinerary ideas. She would enjoy a good exhibition or play/musical (my bro would probably enjoy a musical less!) and also likes a drink with a view. Unfortunately we are a week early for the flower show. Any ideas of fabulous things to do appreciated. Thanks! X


How exciting! Not sure if you’re all into baking but you could always do a half day baking class at Bread Ahead Borough Market, stroll the market after and have rooftops drinks at Seabird near by.
With regards to plays ‘the picture of Dorian Gray’ is amazing!
Also, I think there’s nothing like the classic afternoon tea at Claridge’s.
Hope that’s helpful. Enjoy x

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All fab ideas, thank you! Unfortunately looks like Bread Ahead is sold out but I might have a look for other baking/cooking experiences! X

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How about an exhibition at the National Gallery or NPG, followed by a drink and dinner at The Portrait? The food is amazing, but the views over Trafalgar Square and beyond are unreal and unlike most others you get in London.

How about The Mousetrap (play)? It’s been around for a while, but such a fun one for a birthday celebration.