Must-Sees in Dubrovnik, Gruz and Split?

Hi all!

I am off on an island-hopping small ship cruise along the Croatian coast in May.

Am staying for two nights in Gruz beforehand, so that I can have a good look around Dubrovnik, plus a day and evening in Split at the end, before I fly home.

Would welcome recommendations on things to do and see, and places to eat and drink, along the lines of authentic, local, historic, arty, quirky, quaint, off-the-beaten-track gems…

I can see there is also a 1 and 3 day Dubrovnik Pass. Have any of you used this and was it a good buy?

Look forward to hearing all your ideas! Thanks!

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Definitely go to Mjlet, if you have time. it’s a beautiful little island that feels more untouched than some of the bigger ones (hvar). The whole island is basically a national park you can bike around-- great swimming, super easy to get around and very unique and different to the rest of the Croatian islands. You can also take a ferry from Mjlet to Dubrovnik so super easy!

For Dubrovnik there’s this little place that does octopus burgers called Barba— sounds weird but worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous!

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Thanks, yes, the ship is calling at Mijet on day 2 of the cruise.

Will check out Barba - sounds different!