Nail Advice - Ask Us Everything You Want To Know

From the best colours for spring to nail health and how to treat chips, ask us all your questions and we will pass them over to nail experts to answer on site on the 18th of April.

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I have so many questions!

  1. What is the best way to deal with dry cuticles? Whatever I use, I feel they are always dry! Is there a great cuticle oil, perhaps? How consistent do you need to be with these types of products to really see a difference?

  2. I am a gel addict but aware it’s probably not the best for my nails. Is there a way to reduce the impact of gels on the nails - perhaps it’s a treatment I can do in between, or perhaps switch to an alternative like Biosculpture?

  3. Toenails! Mine are quite discoloured from years of polish. Is it true you should let toenails breathe to remedy this? If so, any tips for those in-between stages - are there any great products that can speed up the process and improve toenail health?



I’ve never got into the habit of getting regular pro manicures because of the cost, but I always feel so happy and more polished whenever I do, so it feels like something I should start doing. Realistically, how often do you need to get gel manicures and how much per month does everyone tend to spend to keep their nails/hands looking great?

What’s the best way to heal your nails after a gel mani? How long is enough for a proper break?

How can you take your at-home manicure to the next level? Is there a way of making cuticles look neat and tidy at home?

Any good supplements that really work for nail health?

My nails are so weak and constantly look rubbish (imo!). The only gel I can get to stay on is Bio Sculpture, just followed by TGB but that would have to be with an extra strong base and even that comes down to the nail tech and prep. Do you have any advice for strengthening them and making them look nice being short? I’d love to keep up with the Bio Sculpture manis regularly but it’s not something I can commit to cost wise, so seeking an alternative idea x

Are there things you can do to make your gel manicure last longer?

What’s the best strengthening base coat?

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Other than Funny Bunny, please can you give me suggestions for great neutral (but not sheer) gel shades.