Neck scarf options silk or similar

Looking for a traditional classic piece to tie around neck, in hair etc. in neutral tones. Something that will stand true test of time.

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@LauraBlack are you able to share what you had tucked around your neck in the latest Parenting Edition on YouTube when you were in Mango? Looked so chic.

Hi, we recently put this edit of silk scarves together

There are lots of netural tones on there so hopefully you find the right one. I would say the key brands to look at are Arket and & Other Stories on the high street, and for more investment pieces I would look to TotĂŞme and Le Scarf.

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Gosh, how did I miss this? Thank you so much Florence.

Thank you Laura too! You ladies are wonderful at replying so quickly.

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Le Scarf! Great quality and modern patterns

Silk easy to wash (silk wash liquid) won’t hold stains like synthetic. Silk holds better in the hair, holds a knot better too.