Necklaces under £100

Hi! Im keen to find a pretty, staple necklace to wear to work/day to day - under £100. Any recommendations? X

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I love Missoma for everyday jewellery - I wear their earrings most days and they’ve lasted really well Necklaces | Pearl Necklaces, Chains & Chokers in Gold & Silver | Page 2 | Missoma
I currently have some of their zodiac pieces on my wish list! Search: 36 results found for "zodiac" | Missoma

Orelia also has lots of options at more affordable price points

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For this price point, I really like PDPAOLA jewellery. They make nice personalised necklaces Mini Letter C Necklace - PDPAOLA as well as other styles that would work well for day to day wear like this Bliss Necklace - PDPAOLA

Other brands I recommend are Mejuri for something dainty and pretty,

and also Daisy London for chain styles

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Otiumberg has some really simple and pretty chains for under £100 and for something with a bit more impact, I’d check out Heavenly London. For vintage, go to Alice Skewis.

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PILGRIM are my latest discovery for affordable chunky gold jewellery, I have the below pieces and can vouch for them being great quality.

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Hey Harper has some great options!

I also often quite like the selection in COS!