New Parent Gift Ideas

What would you buy for new parents when the baby is born? Budget £25-30.

Don’t have kids myself and always struggle with what parents actually want!

If you’re close enough with them, I’ve often asked what they would like or need. For my friend who has just had a baby I got a little present for the bub, plus a John Lewis voucher to make up the rest of the budget (that way they can spend on what they need!). If not, there’s a another thread on here with some ideas on newborn essentials - Newborn Essentials - #5 by Ejones

I suggested on another thread:

Little People Big Dreams books are SO sweet and lovely to collect.

Liberty Octopus Nursery Print - Etsy UK - a sweet Liberty print? They have a few that vary in price but they look gorge!

Knitted name wire to hang in their room – these always go down a treat x

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When I had my first born, a friend gave me a little something for the baby and then lots of lovely things for me from The White Company - oils, bubbles, lotions, a candle. I took time out to cocoon myself away once the baby was sleeping and it was such a treat as she actually gave me the gift of taking time for myself as well as the pampering products!

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a massage voucher is always gratefully received. Or a voucher for a mani or pedi at home.
If you’re looking for something more practical, I think this is a great gift:

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Is it a present just for the parents? Or for the new born? For the parents - I’m sure they’d appreciate your babysitting time… As a thoughtful gift for the child and parents to enjoy at some point further down the - The Folio Society do beautiful classic books - The Velveteen Rabbit | The Folio Society

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Food deliveries are always a nice surprise. I was sent a hamper from Lina stores which was delicious! Grocery Bundles | Lina Stores

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