New podcast recommendations please!

In need of new podcasts for my commute, have exhausted all of my others, I love anything investigative or true crime!

The ‘Unreal’ podcast is supposed to be really good! It talks about how reality tv affects our lives and the controversy connected to it. Also Pandora Sykes hosts - queen!


I really love the Rest Is Politics with Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart!


It isn’t new but Sex & The City fans HAVE to listen to Sentimental In The City (part of Sentimental Garbage). It came out over lockdown but if you’re really nerdy about it, you’ll love the deep dive.


This is a great listen if you are interested or have watched reality tv over the past 10+ years.


I do a lot of driving so i listen to loads of different podcasts during my travels.

Here are my favourites! Mainly health/mental health related:

  1. The diary of a CEO
  2. Feel better, Live more
  3. On purpose
  4. The happiness lab
  5. Exactly - with Florence Given
  6. Wellness unpacked



Can I Tell You A Secret
Sweet Bobby
Trojan Horse Affair
Missing Crypto Queen
Revisionist History
Maintenance Phase
You’re Wrong About


The Diary of a CEO
The Mindset Mentor
The Inquisitive Traveller
The YT Podcast
On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Stuff You Should Know

A few are a bit old now but these are some of my favourites -
West Cork
Sweet Bobby
Harsh Reality story of Miriam Rivera on Wondery
The Teachers Pet
Who the Hell is Hamish
Dirty John
My sisters secret
Nowhere child

Ruthies Table 4 - and not true crime!
Anything Louis Theroux but grounded was great- Miriam Margoyles and Helena Bonham Carter were particularly memorable.


My top three:

The Worlds First Podcast by the Foster sisters
Armchair Expert

Hope you like them!

Visible women by Caroline criado perez. It’s a follow up to her book Invisible Women, addressing the ways the world is NOT designed for women, with a focus on the data gap regarding women. There are fun episodes (why don’t we get pockets?!) interspersed with serious ones. It’s incredibly informative without being dry, and will make you see the world with new eyes. It might even spark the activist within!

Visibile Women & Unreal are great! x

So many good ones!
S Town
On Purpose
Diary of a CEO
The Mind Body Green Podcast
Expanded to be magnetic
Ted radio hour
The Melissa Ambrosini show
Your own magic

How I Built this with Guy Raz
My Therapist Ghosted Me
How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
Second Date Update (Brooke & Jeffery)
It’s Me, Tinx
LuAnna the Podcast
Should I Delete That
Every Outfit


me TOO so so good. been listening since the start!

Yes me too!

Slo Mo - Mo Gawdat

Redefining AI - Artificial Intelligence.

The podcast is a great place to start to brush up your own knowledge around AI Technologies and emerging tech. With all of us being in a relationship with AI, whether we are conscious of it or not, it is empowering to learn about it.

The best true crime pod is Red Handed!!

There upload a ‘long hand’ once a week on a Thursday which is a true crime case and a ‘short hand’ which looks at a wider range of things (E.G. death of Princess Diana). There upload today is about he Idaho murders and is very current.

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