New wardrobe for a petite 68 year old

My Mum has hit a brick wall with fashion and I’d love to help her re-build her wardrobe to bring back her confidence! The stumbling block is finding the right pieces that would suit a mature lady who is also short in height. Can anyone recommend any brands or influencers who I could turn to for inspiration?

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Look no further than the gorgeous Jo Good (@middleagedminx)

She’s a legend, and knows how to dress! We actually featured her in a shoot not to long ago and there is some great advice:

Love Jo! And this is a great feature – thank you for sharing!

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Hi Tara

Boden have quite a lot of pieces available in Petite, including fun pieces and capsule separates which can be worn on repeat:

My mum is super stylish and just over 5ft as she has lost a little height in her latter years. She loves the French brands - they’re just cut really well (Sandro, Maje, ba&sh) and has found a great local tailor who can take things up for her.
Otherwise, lost of brands like Reiss and Me and Em do some petite ranges now too.

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ME+EM is fab! Their pieces can be altered and they cater for Petite with their styles. Also, sounds bonkers but Abercrombie trousers and jeans are fab - for any age! I am 5ft 2 and they fit perfectly (which is a rarity!)

Thought has lovely pieces, and very good size range/fit for petite figures!

I love @NetADresser - she’s got great style and beautiful confidence! x