Next up in the SheerLuxe Book Club… Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

There are now six weeks to read the next book – Tom Lake by Ann Patchett. Once you’ve finished reading, share your thoughts & reviews in the SL Community with other readers.

At the end of the month, Heather & Georgina will be joined by journalist & author Bryony Gordon to hear about her latest book & answer all your questions.

If you’ve already read the book, start commenting and ask Bryony your questions in the thread below…

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So excited for this one – I’m a massive Ann Patchett fan!

Is this book still only available in the UK as a Hardback?

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So excited to hear what you all think. Lots to unpack in this one. From being a grown up returning to the family home due to the pandemic, to the sexual politics of the 80s, to understanding when to hold on and when to let go…. And maybe, there is such a thing as fate?

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At the moment, yes – it’s also available on Kindle and as an audiobook (read by Meryl Streep, no less!)

The play “Our Town” was a central theme in the narrative. As an English reader I had never heard of this play - whilst it’s role still worked for me I would be really interested to know more about its cultural significance in the US and the motivation for the author’s choice of this play.


Same! I had to google it mid-way through the book to see if it was real or made up!