Non Drying Hairspray

I am in my late 6o’s take a fair few medications and after various surgeries have been left with weak thinning grey hair - jaw length bob. As we live on a clifftop there is always wind so to keep my flyaway hair in place I use a lot of hairspray as ones it flies up it does not come down again - so hard to cope with as my hair is like a solid helmet. Cheaper hair sprays make my hair very dry and some natural ones make my scalp itch also one by Paul Mitchell made my scalp and neck very sore. Can anyone relate to this problem and advise what I could use. Finding age not too bad on my skin but my hair makes me not want to go out at all.

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I really love the Oribe hairspray:

I find it holds my hair for a couple of days inbetween washes, and doesn’t feel damaging. It’s packed with vitamins so conditions the hair at the same time!


Moroccanoil may be a good option for you - the nourishing benefits along with a good hold. x

I’ve heard good things about Living Proof. I haven’t tried personally but it’s meant to be super light. I also have fine hair and keen to try it.

I really like Sam Mcknight’s hair sprays! Cool girl for texture and the modern hairspray for more hold

I second this one! So good and very lightweight compared to some hairsprays

I use his general hair products for fine hair and love them but had thought this could be too light for our NE winds along the clifftop as need a fairly strong hold?