Olympus Camera

Which one shall I get? Would love to invest in a film camera (but not at a crazy price please) any info would be really helpful, thanks!

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I don’t have experience with Olympus film cameras but I know they can be expensive!

I really rate the Minolta Riva Zoom point and shoot cameras! Very similar to the Olympus MJU but you can find them second-hand on eBay for a lot less. Minolta was another one of the leading Japanese camera brands in the 90s so they’re a reputable brand!

Also for film the best is Kodak Portra 400 but Kodak Gold 200 is probably one of the most popular rolls and offers similar results to Portra but for a cheaper price.

I love @filmbyrka on TikTok for inspo and she posts helpful tips!

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Thank you SO much Alexa, this is really interesting. Looking into them now!

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I got mine from ebay, there’s quite often super cheap ones on there.

I’d really recommend the Pentax Espio 738g 35mm, it’s point and shoot and so super easy to use and the photos come out really nice

Yes i’ve also heard great things about the Pentax Espio!