Oman travel for single lady travel

Hi there, anyone been to Oman? Any tips? Is it ok and easy to navigate as a single lady, not driving?
What do you do, is the food good, is it expensive…? I’m looking for winter sun and thought it might be an idea. Any thoughts or tips very gratefully received or other tips for Feb & March travel xxx


Oman is high on my list of places I want to go to! I’ve not been yet but my partner grew up over there with his family and said there are lots of solo travellers and as long as you are respectful of the customs (which are conservative and fairly strict) it’s a lot safer than some of its neighbouring countries.

There’s a lot of natural beauty, some of his recs are:

  • Seeing turtles as Ras al Jinz turtle reserve and visiting Bimmah Sinkhole
  • Camping / taking a tour of the desert
  • Mountain hiking (if that’s your thing)
  • Seeing the architecture and visiting mosques in Muscat
  • A day trip to Wadi Shab river
  • Visiting the ancient city of Nizwa

Some of the best restaurants are in the luxury hotels (like The Beach) but you can find shwarma and Middle Eastern food at the markets and traditional restaurants in the cities, too.

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Thanks so much Sheri, this is so helpful!

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