Orange corrector for dark skins


I’m looking for a colour corrector for dark skins for under the eye. I used to have a brilliant one in a quad from a brand called HEMA but I think they’ve closed down all of their UK stores and to my knowledge, don’t ship to the UK.

I’ve tried a red lipstick which doesn’t quite work and I can’t seem to find an orange lipstick that isn’t glossy.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Sophia

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I don’t know if this is a colour corrector as such, but it does the job of brightening the eye area and concealing uneven tone:

I really like it! I know these are fab too:

huda beauty is the best for undereye colour correction! Huda Beauty Faux Filter Color Corrector 9ml (Various Shades) | Cult Beauty

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Thanks Becky and Sapna! :heart: