Organic period care

Hi all, anyone got any recommendations for organic period care? Trying to move away from the traditional plastic/chemical filled products. Thanks

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I’ve heard great things about these two brands, well worth investigating:


I’d highly recommend &Sisters

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Me too!

Hi i use a moon cup i got from Holland & Barrett its reusable i just wash it out when necessary i find it really easy to use. My friend uses those period knickers which you just pop in the wash and reuse, im going to try those aswell ,im sorry i dont know the brand she uses but im sure if you search it in Google you will find what your looking for, hope this little bit of info helps you & Good look.

I’ve been using period pants for years and couldn’t recommend more! I do a mix of wearing them and organic pads from YONI or TOTM mostly, and my period pants are from MODIBODI

Thank you everyone, appreciate the responses from you all

I love these no VPL styles too!