Oud Fragrances

What are everyones favourites?

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Jo Malone London Velvet Rose and Oud OBVS


rose oud by Killian and Kayali oudgasm with vanilla oud are great!

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I’ve never tried these ones. I’ve been tempted but didn’t want to splash out before buying. It’s difficult when you can’t get out and try them for yourself. I remember when I was a teenager going into Boots and having a field day with the testers lol. I’m going back over twenty years now (showing my age :woman_facepalming:t3:)

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Oud Attar does a Discovery Collection of 6 small testers for just £27.00, plus a further 40% if you submit your email address:

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I love these two:


The new Lancome la vie est belle L’Extrait is my favourite oud scent at the moment with floral, Woody ,Oud notes

Thank you so muchx

I’ve been wearing Velvet Rose & Oud by Jo Malone for the longest time and love it. On another note :crazy_face: had anyone tried Oud Maracuja by Maison Criveli? OMG! It is unreal! Very sexy and a tad tropical. Great for date nights and evening parties. So sexy!