Outfit as guest on a clay shoot

I’ve been invited to be a guest at a clay shoot next week in the Yorkshire Dales. I don’t know anyone there, apart from my boyfriend. The Q is - what do I wear?! Does anyone have any experience of this?!

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Hi Amy

Clay shooting is not as formal as game-bird shooting and it all depends on the weather. They won’t be expecting expensive country boots or tweed field coats!
(In fact, if you overdress they’ll think you have ‘All the gear, but no idea.’)

So you just need practical outdoor clothing, such as jeans or comfortable casual trousers, a pair of chunky boots or hiking boots, a polo shirt / rugby shirt / sweatshirt with a short or long sleeve and maybe a jacket.
Glasses, if you wear them.
Maybe a peaked cap.

The key is comfort, a good grip on possibly muddy ground and the ability to raise your arms with ease.

The gun can ‘kick’ back into your shoulder a bit upon firing, so if you have a quilted gilet or coat, that helps to absorb some of the shock and prevent bruising.

You will have someone loading for you and coaching you on what to do. So you get your stance and aim ready, you shout ‘Pull’ when you feel ready, then you track the clay with your gun barrel.

Quick Tip: The shot pellets spray out of the cartridge and the clay travels forwards into the pellets. So you don’t shoot directly at the clay, but slightly IN FRONT OF it.

You also need to think that the clay travels in a curve in the air, upwards then downwards, so you need to track slightly in front of the path it is taking.
The ones which roll along the ground, to imitate rabbits, do tend to bounce around a lot and are tricky.

You will miss most clays to start with, but don’t give up, suddenly it will make sense and you will hit some and feel great!

Clay shooting is tremendous fun and you are guaranteed a laugh.


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