Outfit: orange top and white and black skirt

Hi all and @nanaacheampong ! I’m not sure if I’ve dreamt this, but I feel like I saw you in a pic somewhere @nanaacheampong wearing a black and white striped skirt (or trousers?) with an orange top? I’ve got in my head that I really want to wear something like that to a wedding later this month so am looking for inspo! Did you wear this, or does anyone else on the community recall this and if so, please can point me in the right direction of where to find these items? Thanks so much! :kissing_heart:

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Hi Amy,

I hope you are well. You didn’t dream that! It was a skirt that I wore with an orange blazer. The skirt is from ASOS. The link is below with some others you might like.



Ah, amazing! Thank you so much. I obviously now love the most expensive one :joy: but all great options so really apprecitae you sharing, so thank you. Will do some ordering and trying on :orange_heart:

Haha I love that one too now! Happy shopping and I hope you enjoy the wedding x