Painting own furniture

Please can I have any advice on painting a pair of wooden (currently unstained/painted) bedside tables I have.
What primer to buy? Is primer necessary? Any paint recommendations (B&Q or similar?).
Any other tips and tricks appreciated. Want to keep them quite light looking - possibly limed look.

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Hey so I’m a painter and I would suggest to do the following if your painting furniture and want to stay away from smelly primers and oil based paints.
Try a brand called ‘Frenchic’ it’s affordable and not toxic, I’ve used it before on a job and it was nice to use, you don’t use primers or top coats for their paint so very simple and straight forward and goes quite a long way.

If you want a ‘limed’ look, it’s fairly chalky looking and powdery if you get what I’m saying, so go for a nice off white colour, and perhaps a light brown wax to highlight areas.

Remember to give the drawers a key before you start paint with some 320 grit sand paper just to take off any old bits on the surfaces.

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Frenchic chalk paint is a winner always - Paint Colours – Browse, Shop & Buy Online | Frenchic